What is Ozone?


Martin van Marum. What is Ozone?

Yet in 1785 the physicist Martin van Marum found that oxygen under the action of electric sparks acquires special smell “Thunderstorm” and new chemical properties.

Ozone – a special form of existence of oxygen, its allotropic modification. In Greek ozone means “smelling.”

Ozonea blue gas with a characteristic odor, a very strong oxidant. The molecular formula of ozone is heavier than oxygen 03 He and our habitual air.

Scheme of ozone formation is as follows: under the action of an electric discharge portion of the oxygen molecules 02 splits into atoms, atomic oxygen then combines with molecular ozone is formed and 03.

In nature, ozone is formed in the stratosphere by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, as well as – in electric discharges in the atmosphere.

During a thunderstorm, when the electrical discharges of lightning “stitch” the atmosphere, ozone is formed as we feel the freshness of the air. Ozone is really clean our air!

Ozone in nature

Being a strong oxidising agent, it decomposes many toxic impurities in the atmosphere to ordinary secure connections, thereby obezzarazhivaya air. That’s why after the storm, we feel a pleasant freshness, we are easy to breathe, and we clearly see everything around me, especially the blue sky.

However, we know that ozone – oxidant. Not bad for a man if he and all living things?

Any substance can be a poison, and medicine – it all depends on the dose. Small concentrations of ozone create a feeling of freshness, disinfect our environment, “unclog” our airways.

But high concentrations of ozone can cause respiratory irritation, cough, dizziness.

Electrostatic generator

Electrostatic generator by Martin van Marum. The Ozone FAQ

Therefore, a relatively high concentration of ozone used for disinfection of water, air, and the lower promote wound healing and are commonly used in cosmetics.

Appliances ozonation provide safe concentration of ozone in humans. With the ozonator you’ll always breathe fresh and clean air.

Where is the ozone applied today?

Ozone being a strong oxidizing agent, is widely used in various areas of our lives.

It is used in medicine, industry and everyday life.

The most common use – for water purification. Ozone effectively destroys bacteria and viruses, removes organic contaminants water destroys smells can be used as a bleaching agent.

Ozone is widely used in the chemical industry

Specific role for ozone in the food industry. Being strong disinfectant and chemically safe, it is used to prevent biological growth of unwanted organisms in food and food processing equipment.

Ozone has the property of killing microorganisms without creating new harmful chemicals.

Specific role for ozone in medicine. As a strong oxidizing agent, it is used for the sterilization of medical products. Expands the scope of its application in the treatment of many diseases.

Ozone in the chemical industry

Ozone has the property of killing microorganisms without creating new harmful chemicals.

Ozone is highly effective, destroying bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Ozone has a rapid and dramatic impact on many viruses, while (unlike many antiseptics) does not exhibit destructive and irritating to tissue, the cells of a multicellular organism have the antioxidant defense system.

All of the chemicals that are in the air react with ozone decompose into harmless compounds include carbon dioxide, water and oxygen.

For what purposes used household ozonizer?

1. Purification of indoor air in bathrooms and toilets.

2. Eliminating odors in the fridge, wardrobe, closet, etc.

3. Clean drinking water ozonation baths, aquariums.

4. Handling of food (vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, fish).

5. Disinfection and elimination of pollution and odors when washing clothes.

6. Cosmetic procedures, oral care, skin, hands and feet.

7. Eliminating the smell of tobacco smoke, paint, varnish.


Air treatment using ozonation

Indoor air contains harmful substances. The main sources of pollution in the rooms are:

Room air ozonator

Room air ozonator. Digidrol company

– Walls, ceilings, decor items, furniture (especially chipboard), and various artificial surfaces, paints, which can release hazardous substances such as formaldehyde, phenol, styrene;

– Tobacco smoke;

– Organic substances, the sources of which are insects, pets, rodents;

– A variety of detergents and cleaning products;

– Products of combustion and burning materials;

– Molds, fungi and bacteria.

Air pollution has on the human body negative effect gradually. Chemical substances are hazardous to health when their concentration exceeds the legal limit.

Even small amounts of these substances in the air causes adverse effects, if the time of exposure is sufficiently large. There are complaints of headache, weakness, malaise; possible allergies.

When ozonation premises ozone destroys most volatile organic air pollutants in confined spaces. Cleans the air of odors and particulates.

Ozone at a concentration of about 0.1 mg / m3 reduces the number of bacteria, fungi, mold, thereby disinfection air. In this case, for approximately an hour of ozone is converted into ordinary oxygen.

Since, in contrast to the free atmosphere, indoors do not go the natural processes of ozone formation, its concentration must be maintained artificially by using ozone generators.

Decides whether the task ozonation conditioner?

The air loses its freshness after passing through the filters of ventilation systems and air conditioning. Even the air conditioning eventually become sources of pollution and contamination. Consequently, the ozone treatment of such premises is necessary. Moreover, it can be disinfected and conditioner itself.

Food Processing using ozonation

Ozone contributes to long-term preservation of quality meat, fish, meat and fish products, eggs, cheese. In the process of ozonation kills germs and bacteria, chemical pollutants, viruses, mold, and also significantly reduced the concentration of nitrates in vegetables and fruits.

Nutrients with proper treatment is not destroyed.

ozonator_for basin

Ozonizer for water production, basin, etc. Digidrol company

How should I handle products ozonator?

Products must be placed in the water and immerse the tube through which the gas will be fed for 10-15 minutes.

Products intended for storage, dry treated with ozone, without dropping them into the water. To do this, put them in a closed container or package.

Ozone treatment helps eliminate contained in meat and fish pathogenic bacteria and growth stimulators.

Freshly caught fish may be preserved for a long time if it is to wash the ozonated water.

The use of ozone in medical practice

Ozone in therapeutic doses acts as immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, fungicidal, tsistostaticheskoe, anti-stress and analgesic.

Ozone therapy has been used successfully in virtually all areas of medicine: in acute and purulent surgery, general and infectious therapy, gynecology, urology, dermatology, hepatology, gastroenterology, dentistry, cosmetology and others.

What effects occur when ozone therapy?

1. Activation of detoxification processes. A suppression of the activity of external and internal toxins.

2. Activation of metabolic processes (metabolism).

3. Normalization of lipid peroxidation (fat metabolism).

The use of ozone increases the consumption of glucose by tissues and organs, increases the oxygen saturation of the blood plasma, reduces the degree of oxygen starvation, improves.

Ozone has a positive effect on the metabolism of the liver and kidney, supports the work of the heart muscle, reduces respiratory rate and tidal volume increases.

The positive effect of ozone on people with diseases of the cardiovascular system (decreases blood cholesterol, reduces the risk of thrombus formation, activates the process of “breathing” of the cell).

Are there any contraindications to the use of ozone therapy?

Yes, there are contraindications. So be very careful when assigning ozone therapy, talk with your doctor to discuss ways and methods of exposure, potential body reactions.

Do not use ozone therapy in acute myocardial infarction, internal bleeding, hyperthyroidism, propensity to seizures, thrombocytopenia.

Check if you have allergies to ozone.

Several practical issues

Can I wash and disinfect the ozonated water toys, children’s dishes?

Of course, it is possible (except for rubber).

Is it possible to sanitize ozonator clothes and shoes?

You can. To do this, place the clothes or shoes in a plastic bag, remove the air duct with diffuse stone jet head to toe shoes. Package tie. Treat for 10-15 minutes.

Ozone disinfects and deodorizes clothes and shoes, to prevent the development of fungi and bacteria.

How can you use the ozonator for care of pets?

1. It can be used to eliminate odors.

2. You can give the animals to drink ozonated water, and also to bathe in it.

3. You can disinfect pet. To this end the duct without attachments to process the fur and paws.

4. Ozone treatment of water in aquariums will improve transparency of the water, to destroy bacteria and odor, prevent decomposition of food in the water.

5. The beneficial effect of ozonation process on aquatic plants. Ozone in oxygen is restored, that enriches the water with oxygen tank, enhances the viability of fish increases their immunity.

You can not ozonize fry and eggs of fish, because ozone is fatal for them.

Ozone in nature

Can I disinfect, such as dishes using ozonator?

Yes, of course. Especially, it is a very efficient way and besides ozone leaves no chemical compounds on the surface of the treated glassware. Thus, this method is ideal for the treatment of children’s dishes, utensils before canning, etc. To process you need to put the dishes in the tank filled with water so that the water covers it.

After omit the branch tube ozonizer with a sprayer on the end at the bottom of the container and turn the ozonator. Processing time depends on the volume of the tank. Recommended regimens are given in the passport documentation ozonizer.

Can I use the ozonizer remove persistent smell of sweat on their shoes?

This is a very effective method, which is also not only eliminates the smell of shoes, but also carries antibiotic treatment prevents the development of fungal diseases. For treatment of shoes, it should be placed in a package, omitting there branch tube ozonizer.

The package must be sealed tie and turn on the ozone-air mixture. The treatment should be carried out for 10-15 minutes, depending on the degree of contamination of the shoe may need to be repeated. The effect of 100%.

How to eliminate the bad smell in the refrigerator?

For this you can use a household or special ozonator ozonator for refrigerator that runs on batteries. Besides, you can not only eliminate the smell, but clean and food by removing them from the surface of putrefactive microorganisms or chemical treatment products.

Due to the ozone increases in the same period of storage of food. The treatment should be carried out when the refrigerator door is closed.

How to Use the ozonator treat underwear and bed linen?

Very simple! Puts clothes in a plastic bag to the same dip tube ozonizer ozonootvodyaschuyu and fastens the top of the package, so that without passing the tube. The treatment should be carried out for 15-20 minutes.

Such a method may even eliminate the need for ironing, if it is used as a means to say the heat treatment for disinfection, such as baby clothes and diapers.

Ozone in nature

Ozone in nature

Can I use ozone to get rid of the smell of smoke-filled rooms?

Yes. Moreover, ozone, due to its properties as the strongest natural oxidizer capable of eliminating completely any unpleasant odor. Thus, ozone eliminates stubborn odors, and also promotes the decomposition and elimination of tobacco smoke.

Incidentally indicator of the effectiveness of this method, as ozonation, to deal with tobacco smoke is the production of ashtrays with integrated ozone treatment, as well as the fact that several dozen cafes in Zaporozhye purchased, installed and successfully used ozonators in smoking rooms.

Why you need ozonize drinking water?

The ozonization of water is its microbiological contamination. If the water has already passed the pre-cleaning filter in the home, it is very important to keep it clean and above all – the purity of the bacteria. Treating water with ozone eliminates viruses and bacteria that can get into the purified water from, for example, air. Sometimes asking questions like whether you can drink ozonated water, not whether it is dangerous. No! There is no danger in this, since ozone is a three-atom and also unstable compound molecules of oxygen. Within 10-15 minutes, performing their task of disinfection, ozone decomposes, turning back to normal oxygen.

What are the benefits of ozone in comparison with other methods of disinfection?

Firstly, ozone is a natural and environmentally safe substance, it does not leave any harmful decomposition products or insoluble chemical compounds. Unused ozone sufficiently rapidly converted to oxygen, thereby saturating, for example, oxygen, water or air, and enhancing their usefulness to man.

Secondly, the oxidation reaction which occurs due to the removal of viruses and bacteria with ozone occur in tens, hundreds or even thousands of times faster than similar reactions with chlorine, chlorine-containing reagents, ultraviolet, and so forth. For example, ozone on the ability to kill bacteria is 5 times more effective in the UV and 500 times more effective than chlorine.

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