Water slides video

Water slides video. Theme park review

Theme park review water slide 2014-2015

Dangerous Leap Water Slide. Splashdown Poole

Splashdown Poole Dangerous Leap Water Slide

Baron`s Water Slide. Splahdown Poole

Splahdown Poole. Baron`s Water Slide

Dangerous Flits Water Slide. Tikibad Duinrell

Tikibad Duinrell. Dangerous Flits Water Slide

Red Tube Water Slide. Splashdown Poole

Red Tube Water Slide. Splashdown Poole

Longest water slide in the world!

Water park Germany.
The Magic Eye is the longest closed tube water slide in the world. It’s 356 meter long, 22 meter high! It’s located at Galaxy Erding aquapark in Erding, Germany.

Water Slide Sommarland

Theme park review water slide. Bø Sommarland 2015.

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