The Wife Like Angel. Parable

Rose and loversLike many people and nations, the driving force was hatred and revenge, which are from the devil, so Christians in action have pure and bright love, which is from God.

Once, three drunkards after drinking had opened up to each other: “Oh, my wife will again throw up a scandal that she drank.” “And mine will go hand to hand,” said the second. “And mine,” said the third, “will affably greet me, wash me, feed me and put me to sleep in a fresh bed.” “It can’t be, you are cheating.” “Come with me and see.” All three went to the house of the third.

When they arrived, the wife warmly met everyone, sat down at the table. And while they were eating, and while they were eating, she prepared a bed for all three of them. When she returned, one of the drunks asked her how she could carefully and lovingly take care of her husband and in this case also of others.Rose and lovers

The woman replied: “You know, I am a believer and I have a blissful eternity ahead of me. And he has life only on earth, in eternity, if he does not repent, is doomed to torment. I feel so sorry for him that I even strive to decorate this temporary life with my love and care, so that he has at least something good. ”

After that, both unfortunate drunkards got up and said: “You are no longer a friend to us, we drink, because we have evil women, they don’t give us life, and your wife is an angel, and you ruin her life”. And it affected the third so much that he soon turned to God.

This woman had true love, she knew how gentle her husband was before he fell into a vice of drunkenness, and continued to love him. This is true love. Love, as we have read, never ceases to love.

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