The detox program

Unfavorable environment, constant rush, lack of time for sufficient rest, particularly sleep, snacking on the go, all this leads to the fact that in the human body in excess of accumulated toxins.
And because of the presence in the human body of toxins: disturbed metabolism, decreased performance, overall health and appearance. To correct this situation, you can use a detox program for body, hair and skin.
It is not difficult to create a kind of mini – Spa that doesn’t need to go anywhere in the home. Because it is very important to stick to a detox program in everyday life, which helps to cleanse the soul and body of toxins, if we want to look beautiful, smart, stylish and healthy. Detox program for different parts of the body is proposed in the following form.
For skin
Detox skin is a clean skin from harmful compounds, substances and toxins that depress the normal operation of the cells of the body. In the present circumstances, it is desirable to perform this procedure or “ritual purification” about 2-3 weeks several times a year, or even twice. In this case, a detox program should be permanent, must-have tool set care products for the face.
During the detox program, use the scrubs, serums and creams with vitamins E and C, with components promote relaxation: ginseng, chamomile, aloe. Some patients included in detox programs and creams which contain stem cells (plant derived).
Daily moisturize your face with a towel soaked in warm water with dissolved in Nay five or six drops of essential oils of acalypta or orange. The manipulation of this tool significantly stimulate circulation and increase the metabolism of the skin.
Should not overburden the skin tone by means of increased density. If a waiver is not possible, then during the detox you can use BB creams. Let your skin rest. For this purpose at least one day a week can do without the makeup, it is enough to only use lip balm and moisturizer.

The best tool for relaxation and detoxification is 20-30 minutes (2-3 times per week) receiving a warm bath, not hot, and it is warm, so you can indulge in sweet bliss. Don’t forget to add water essential oil of pine or citrus. Steamed skin, massage it in a circular motion, starting from the feet to the neck, it is better if you will perform this massage with loofah gloves. Or steamed clean skin with sea salt scrub.
For problem areas with cellulite to do not too noticeable, you can apply remedies for weight loss contains antioxidants and caffeine. Rubbing them every time after showering and massage.

It is known that hair is also can accumulate toxic substances. So your hair is necessary to make periodic detox, if we want to make them look attractive. Because of the above-mentioned negative reasons, unfavorable ecological situation, not a balanced diet and even the use of styling tools, curls are becoming dull look and look lifeless.
If the detox program for the hair and skin done on a regular basis, then your curls will continue to remain lush and shiny, and in consequence will not be so fast to GlasNet. Best of all, by applying the detox program for the hair and scalp, to begin with use of masks, balms and shampoos labeled “Detox” (detox) – as they carefully remove the harmful substances from the hair, as well as restore and nourish them.
The skin of the head, as well as for the body, except the detox requires exfoliation. To facilitate this enough 1 R. in weeks. before washing your hair, use a special peels.
If desired, you can use a “homemade” recipe: take 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt and a little rubbed into the scalp at the roots of the hair while still damp, continue rubbing for 10 minutes. Then, rinse the head with warm water. This way you will not only get rid of dead skin cells, and nourish the scalp with nutrients that will strengthen the hair follicles.
Do not use styling tools, containing in its composition silicon. Periodically rotate their sprays, oils based on natural materials, botanicals, supplements and minerals.
In conclusion, we note that a detox program is important for not only externally to look and feel good. Therefore, given the time and attention detox program will certainly pay off a good appearance, improve metabolism and overall health.

Detox program for seven days

A detox program can greatly assist you in your eyes sparkled like the old days, and the skin glowed with a blush. It will help you to increase the level of internal energy, sense of vitality, improve digestion, and even help to get rid of unwanted extra pounds.
It might look like a bizarre diet – no grains, no alcohol, no sugar, no milk (as a result for many and not interesting). However, it should be understood that the detox program, it’s not the fastest solution for losing excess weight. The aim of any detox program is the release of the load bodies detoxify the body – the intestines, liver and kidneys – at the same time supporting their most effective work.
If you want to improve your health, give your body a rest, or simply would like to secure a seven-day detox program, you can do this by adhering to the following items. Do not forget, before doing the detox program, consult with your doctor.

Where to start
Check your diary and find out the week which are not planned significant events such as: weddings, birthdays, etc. when a special diet these days can derail your detox program.
Some people in the early days of observance detox program may experience cleansing reactions, including headaches or discomfort bowel. This is due to sudden withdrawal of certain substances, in addition to stimulation of the detoxification organs. These symptoms should disappear within 24 to 48 hours.

Foods that should be avoided
Milk products (except ½ Cup of acidophilus, unsweetened yogurt daily)
Sugar, honey, artificial sweeteners
Grains: wheat (bread, biscuits, cakes, pasta), rye, barley, oats and rice
Dried fruits

Products, which you can enjoy during the week getting rid of excess toxins.
Fruit: give preference to any fresh and ripe fruit of cultivated and collected from your region
Vegetables: any fresh vegetables ( the same applies to vegetables)
Fish: fresh, live freshwater fish from clean waters (carp, carp), preferably, canned or stale frozen, and even more fatty marine fish. Although fresh marine fish will be very good if there are no allergies and contraindications.
Lean red meat, chicken (without skin). To use is limited: two meals per week.
Legumes: dried or canned, such as beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils
Chicken eggs, quail preferably poultry, should be properly cooked.
Vegetable oil (preferably olive) oil, sunflower oil, soybean ( non-GMO)
Nuts: raw, not roasted, unsalted almonds, walnuts, cashews
Seeds: roasted, raw, unsalted: sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds
Drinks: green tea, white tea, weak black tea ( or decaf)
Water: one to three liters of water a day

A detox program for the next seven days
1. Before Breakfast the morning, drink the juice of half a lemon diluted in a glass of warm water. This old recipe will help to start the body and improves purification processes in the body. Need to drink in the morning before Breakfast. The recipe is very good for high blood pressure, as an additional means, if there are no contraindications.

2. Exercise: during the detox program, try to exercise for one hour daily. And not just any exercise – and that makes you pant and puff and actively sweating. This exercise on a stationary bike, Cycling, Jogging along the beach, active walking, walking uphill. Vigorous exercise increases lymph flow and circulation, which together with then help out the waste products from the body.

3. Give preference to raw foods: aim to avoid the long cooking process and eat mainly raw foods. Raw foods contain more nutrients and enzymes. Try to eat more fresh fruits and salads. Can include in your diet sprouts, but sprouts, especially wheat, heavy product and use more than 1 tbsp is not recommended.
Make sure that the products were properly cooked. Sold in supermarkets sprouts are ready, including wheat, in the form of flakes. On the packaging you can read how to use this product. The Golden rule, unfamiliar products, always try with smaller than recommended portions.

4. Use a detox program for the soul and mind: detoxification of the body, it is very good, but it never hurts to clean, get rid of the clutter in the mind and soul, too. Because of this you will be able to be not only more emotionally and mentally stable, but also radically change your life.
Make confession of sins, don’t let them push you around painful memories, Thank God, confession free. Ask forgiveness from God and others, forgive everyone, including yourself for the mistakes you made in life. Be sure to believe and accept his forgiveness. Be aware of the necessity of the spiritual birth.
Daily read the gospel starting from 15 minutes in the evenings, especially in the early passages of Scripture where it talks about God’s love for man, and forgiveness. Sit in silence, breathe, calm down, think about what you read, record your thoughts. Learn the main prayer: “our father” and Psalm 90. Ask God, pray these prayers when you’re scared or when you’re excited. Start briefly prays. Believe. You glorify God by the reading of the Psalms. Be thankful and polite person.
To be completely honest, it is a series of fast days or weeks, it is a unique, very effective detox program of our ancestors, designed to get rid of the poison in the soul and body. Which allowed our ancestors to have the sound health, strong spirit and allowed to live a long time.
5. Drinks: try to drink two to three liters of fluid daily. This will help move the lymph and support filtering the kidneys in detoxification. Choose to drink pure spring water, prepare melted water, don’t let her long shelf life, (quality deteriorated), take place in your daily diet to drink fresh vegetable juice and herbal detox teas.
Or you can prepare your own detox tea take equal parts of the roots of dandelion and nettle, cleavers, calendula, burdock and red clover. Add one teaspoon of dried herb per Cup of boiling water. Leave to infuse for five minutes, strain and drink.
6. Massage body brush (in the morning): this, you will daily maintain circulation and improve skin tone. Using for this purpose a sponge of loofah or body brush made of natural fibers massage the body in circular movements. Start with the feet and hands, moving in the direction of the bowel, as if you’re sweeping all the debris, avoiding sensitive areas (neck and face), or any rash or sore spots. Then go to the toilet, take a shower. Finish the shower by a short rinse in cool water, RUB a towel, this will improve circulation to the skin.

7. You must chew each piece of food at least 10 to 12 times before swallowing. Stomach no teeth, so this action not only improves digestion, but also allows you to experience a feeling of satiety without the need to overeat.

Note: you can partially or partially apply this detox program if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, elderly, have high blood pressure, underweight, or other contraindications. So first of all consult your doctor.

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