Testimonium of a recovery from cancer


“I will exalt you, Lord, for you lifted me out of the depths and did not let my enemies gloat over me. Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me. You, Lord, brought me up from the realm of the dead; you spared me from going down to the pit.” Psalms 30:1-3

I believed in God since the very childhood. I knew that God exists and that He sees and knows everything! I went to church on every feast day and weekend together with my mother and grandmother. My favorite holiday was Easter. And even though no one told me about Jesus Christ, but Jesus himself found me at the time I was broken by sicknesses. The first time I met Jesus was at the oncology department on the 1st of April, I repented and accepted Him into my heart, my God and Savior. It was 1998. The next day, I had two operations and no one guaranteed that I would survive, as I was considered a serious case.

But God was already with me! And the miracle happened, Isurvived. In the end of 1998 I had a third operation in a city hospital №9 being diagnosed with postoperative hernia. But after all the operations, ascites, or “dropsy” as they call it, developed. My body filled with water as if I was 9 months pregnant.

All organs started to fail and cease to function. I had often been losing consciousness. Moreover, I had a hypertension and before the operations I suffered a microstroke. With each day, I kept feeling worse. Doctors gave my relatives two weeks to get prepared for my funeral.

They said that I wouldn’t live any longer. Then, they offered me to pump the liquid out or sign a refusal as they didn’t want to take up a responsibility in case something happens. I knew that if they made a liquid pump out once or twice, or three times; then, I would die. I saw the results of this operation on people, I personally knew. I kept thinking about what I should do but I couldn’t come up with an answer.

Living God and invited me to a church service

At that time, I was only able to walk around my apartment by leaning on the walls One day, my neighbor came to me that had already been attending the Church of the Living God and invited me to a church service. Explaining it by attending a different church, I didn’t really want to go to an Evangelic Church. And this is why I refused. And then I refused again. But then, Thank God! God managed to reach out to my heart through my sister Nelly. I agreed on the third day. She told me: “Olya, what do you have to die for? You’re still young. God will heal you!”

Olga Boyko

Olga Boyko

I was already prepared for a funeral and told my husband how to conduct a funeral ceremony – how to bury me and in what clothes. But I still went to the Church with the help and support of my sister Nelly. I really liked the service, I really liked the people in the Church and how they treated me with love.

I started to attend the public church services every Sunday, as well as every Wednesday I went to a church service of a domestic Church. I asked people to lay their hands on me and pray about my recovery. I tried to attend all church services and felt like God was making me stronger. Recovery came to me a little at a time. When people prayed about me, I felt the healing power flowing from the top of my head to the soles of my shoes.

At first my head stopped to ache, my blood pressure normalized. I stopped suffocating and faint. Pain left my heart, lungs and bronchi. I started to feel much better. God healed my pancreatic gland, stomach since I barely ate anything up to that moment, because I felt bad from any kind of food. Thank God, I was already able to take food and not feel bad afterwards. My internal organs started to function correctly and I started to come back to life a little at a time.

After I received baptism through water, God spoke to me at 1 hour in the morning: “Don’t take the medicine. I’ve healed you”. Only after He said that for the third time – “Don’t take the medicine. I’ve healed you. Fast today instead” – did I understand that it’s God speaking to me. I asked Him again: “God, is that You?” And I heard the answer as it followed: “Yes”.

And then all of a sudden a force so great condescended upon me, that I was flying about the room with joy as if I had wings behind my back. Nothing ached anymore, and even more importantly – I didn’t have a bulging stomach anymore. Being in high spirits, I walked up to a mirror and shouted: “God, is it really me?” And I heard the answer as it followed: “Yes”. I was so happy and rejoiced in God that I couldn’t fall asleep till morning.

Since that time, I fast every day of my rebirth to a new life with God as a sign of gratitude to God for salvation, healing and a new life with Jesus Christ. Now I am happy and I rejoice in God. He’s the only one I want to serve to and I don’t want to lose a relationship with God. I don’t take medicines. My Healer and Redeemer is God. I don’t go to a hospital. Thank God for his mercy and love to me. And now, whatever happens in my life, I know, that my Redeemer lives! He’s with me within me. He hears and answers all prayers. He helps. He’s never late, always comes on time. He was, he is and he will always be the same – our salvation, shelter and hope. Amen. Thank God.

Dark cell in the Caiaphas’ house where Lord Jesus Christ was imprisoned before a crucifixion.

Dark cell in the Caiaphas’ house where Lord Jesus Christ was imprisoned before a crucifixion.

Dear friends, believers and those who haven’t believed yet! Believe me, God can heal any sickness, solve any problem and come to our aid. He said it himself: “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know”. (Jeremiah 33:3) Call to Him and He will save you.

He’s Loving, Merciful, Patient and Forgiving. He doesn’t change, He’s always the same. I love God very much and I know that it’s reciprocal. He loves His creation very much! All of us are His creation. God has brought many miracles to my life, I am very grateful to God. With love to all of you, sister in Jesus, Olga.

(Comment) Sister brought her medical record and we were all sincerely happy with her recovery. But first and foremost, we’re grateful to God for His wonderful divine grace and mercy, given upon us in Jesus Christ. Thank God. Amen and Amen.
By Olga Boyko.

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