Spanakopita Greek spinach pie

I’m going to show you today, how to make good Greek spinach pie – Spanakopita. First ever going to need a couple of bunches of spinach – 2 bunches of spinach. Usually there a one pound each and we`re gonna need a green onions one or two bunches, chopped rather finely. Couple of eggs.

We’re going to need also deal with 1 cup chopped dill, chopped rather finely. 1 lb Feta cheese. Good chunk of the Feta cheese. Salt, pepper, olive oil and one box of the “Phyllo dough”. Now we’re gonna cut this spinach rather coarsely. Because we’re gonna squeeze a little bit after wise to wilted. I’d I don’t like blanching because it turns spinach to mush.

You know, I have like creamed spinach. In your spinach pie you want to feel the texture of the vegetable. So, we’re going to chop up this spinach and then putting it in a colander. Because we need to give it a good squeeze, have kind of pointed down in this colander. Until some of the water comes out these spinaches.

A low bit wilted. Okay. Now that spinach wilted. This cut about one cup of juice that came out and put this spinach back in the pot along with onions, dill and that Feta cheese. Will sprinkling of pepper and I’m going to add a couple of eggs. Slightly beaten eggs. Then will I act as a glue and hold the pie together. Right hand then we mix it up real good so everything all the ingredients are very well incorporated.

And now it’s time to lay the dough to the pan. Here is the “Fillo dough”, that I bought. Usually I buy a bigger size but that’s what I found today and that’s what I bought their kind of like smaller than usual. So, I’m going to just use a smaller pan instead.

I know that my method is a little unorthodox. I don’t use up a brush to oil the leaves I just use my hands. I get my hands in oil. That`s the leaves here and there you know that I was them the stick on your hands when you lift them and you put in the pan. You can use your brush but they find it is more time missions this method. It just goes faster.

The leaves don’t break that much so that would put six or seven leaves at the bottom we put a generous amount of the spinach mixture and bench came from that. You gotta have some spinach in spinach pie and then we’re going to just keep on putting leaves on top another six or seven maybe a ten or fifteen whatever you want the crunchy you wanted more leaves you put.

I put just enough for my taste and then if I have extra say make something else with it okay now we having enough leaves top and all this over hand I’m going to just turn it inside inner rolling in like this and got it need to play a little bit oil there while it so it’s kind of you know would be crunchy but it’s not gonna try out and fly off. And now gonna cut it.

Take the knife and cut it but not know the way to the bottom cut it to just enough for the top leaves have to be cut because you cannot cut them after they cook. They’re not. They’re too crunchy. So we got them before we bake. Okay. That’s done and ready to bake but I have some of Phyllo dough leaves leftover show. I’m gonna just oil and fall the couple and show you a different way to wrap them a different way to wrap them spinach pies.

All right, you like this. You put a bunch of feeling at one end and you lift one corner make a triangle on back and forth to squeeze it in there doesn’t want to stay. I will stay out of four layers of Phyllo will not reap so you can test you know by leaves reap with it. Alright then you add oil another for let in have and the same way, there you go. These are crunchy air in its pocketful is the kind of step that you take for lunch would you like to work. They’re very good, too.

Okay, were done with that and ready to put them in the oven. The oven is preheated at 380 degrees. You will bake them anywhere from 370 to 335 or so hotter the oven the crunch of the outside. I made it two pies and feel this little ones with the two bunch of spinach.

Okay, a 380 degrees for the oven in the half hour for about maybe a 30 to 45 minutes it depends turn your oven how hot it is. I’m going to switch places that tops from the bottom, of the bottom at the top. About midway and here we have ready about the 35 – 45 minutes past there good and ready. And can’t stand try it. Cares one of this square pieces and one of the triangles attracted a little crunchy air but they’re really, really, really good. This a very good. Source:QxHU8rd8lNA

Spanakopita greek spinach pie

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