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Parable about alcohol – 1

Once, the attention of passersby was attracted by the strange behavior of a man who, with a wooden meter in his hand, approached the door of the pub and began to measure it.
“85 centimeters wide and 2 meters high,” he murmured.

Then, turning to the curious who stopped near him, he explained: “This door is only 2 meters in size by 85 centimeters. In general, a small door. However, I had a house, and he completely passed through it. There was earth, and it all passed into it. He had expensive furniture, and she went through that door, and there was no need to disassemble.

I had savings, and they all went through this door. And if that was all! But so it is not over. I had good health, and recently the doctor said: “You let your health through the door of the kabak!” I had a good reputation in my youth, and today nobody believes me. They say about me: “This is a drunkard!” Thus, my honor left through this door.

I once had a kind and sympathetic heart. I suffered when I saw my wife and children cry because of me. But since I began to walk through that door, I made them cry more and more often.
I have a head on my shoulders, and I could be proud of my mind. And, however, how often I got out of the kabak so drunk that I didn’t understand anything, and was like an animal. My mind went through that door too.

I had a conscience, and I was aware that it was honest and dishonest, that it was bad and that it was good. But did I do well after drinking all my possessions? Did you do well with your body by poisoning it? Am I ruining my life? Did I do well, setting a bad example to others? Of course not. I did not listen to the voice of conscience; that is why conscience and happiness left through the same door.

I often went out of the tavern with a cheerful song, but in the depths of my heart was unhappy … ”
After these words he left. The rest spoke: “He is right! He said the truth! ”But then they all resignedly, one by one, also entered the same strange door. Like obedient slaves, they humbly walked where their lord sent them.

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Parable about alcohol – 2

One monkey saw how its owner drank vodka and, imitating him, also got drunk. The next day, they wanted to give her drink again, in order to make fun of her funny faces. At the strict call of the master, the monkey came out of the darkest corner of his cage; she kept her hand on her headas a sign that she was sick

When the owner tried to treat her with a sip of vodka, the monkey in an instant climbed onto the roof of the house; her name was, but the animal did not move.

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The owner grabbed the gun and took aim. Then the monkey ran, but not to obey, but to hide behind the pipe

When people started climbing the roof after the monkey, she climbed into the chimney. She preferred to be smoked and obzharitsya better than drinking vodka.

After such a courageous struggle, the monkey lived for another 12 years, while its owner killed himself with alcohol.
Who will learn from this lesson for yourself?

*   *    *
Tobacco is one of the most pernicious plants in our land. According to the Guinness Book of Records, tobacco is given a sad primacy: among other plants, it often becomes the cause of litigation.

Only in 19971998, in the vast majority of US states (41), judicial investigations were conducted against tobacco industry businessmen. In June 1997, the largest tobacco concerns of the United States agreed to pay material compensation to victims of smoking in the amount of $ 368.5 billion.

However, payments were made only in some states (Texas, Mississippi, Minnesota and Florida). The problem is still being discussed in the US Congress.

Parable about tobacco

A few years ago, a 63yearold Chinese man who had smoked opium for 39 years in a row addressed the Lord. Old friends who had stopped seeing him in the curia asked: “Where have you gone, Uncle King? We already thought, didnt you die? ”King answered:
Yes, I was dead, but now I have come to life: I have ceased to be a slave of opium.
And how are you freed? Where did you get the power? His answer was:
- On the knees!


Parable about alcohol – 3

Alcohol,” as it was written in one ad, “perfectly removes stains from summer clothes.” This may be true. But it also removes alcohol at the same time, and not only summer clothes, but also spring, autumn, winter clothes, and not only from the drinker himself, but also from his wife and the whole family.

Alcohol removes and much more, for example, the home environment of the apartment, food from the pantry, the joy from the face of his wife and the happy laughter of innocent children. We can say that nothing else in the world can be compared with the “removing” power of alcohol!

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