Mechanical water purification

Purification water. Digidrol companyNowadays, huge competition, customers are very difficult to understand the available on the market offers. Sellers often are presented solely for the purpose to sell more and more expensive. Few of them think about the interests of the Client. How to make a choice?

Mechanical cleaning can remove water from the water suspended particles, sand, slurry, rust, etc. G. Mechanical water filters are typically installed at the inlet filter system, but depending on the design, can be used with other components of water treatment systems.

Mechanical cleaning artesian and tap water became widespread in water treatment as a small and medium capacities. The reason for such widespread is the simplicity of equipment design, operation, maintenance and automation, the presence on the market of finished filter columns, including fiberglass, have been widely used in recent times.

Mechanical water filter

mechanical water filter

Mechanical water filter. Digidrol company

Mechanical cleaning allows efficient removal of water from the source:
• turbidity which appears in the presence of suspended particles of colloidal iron and silicon, silt, clay, sand, rust and other pipeline mechanical impurities;

transparency (or transmittance) of natural water, which is due to their color and turbidity, t. E. Content of different colored dissolved organic and mineral substances;

Chroma – water quality parameters characterizing the intensity of the color of the water and due to containing colored compounds; expressed in degrees, the platinum-cobalt scale. Colour is determined by comparing the coloration of the test water with the standards;

taste and odor, which are determined by both natural and artificial factors: the presence of dissolved petroleum hlorokislennoy organics and other anthropogenic contaminants.
Filtering media is the main working element in the filter structures, so the correct choice of its parameters is essential for their normal operation. Filter layers made ​​of sorted particulate material satisfying the requirements of sanitation. They possess sufficient chemical resistance and mechanical strength.

Mechanical water filter kit materials:
quartz sand (river or quarry) – a natural material, which is characterized by a high content of silicon oxide and a minor amount of soluble compounds of calcium, iron and manganese. Quartz sand with a small impurity content of limestone meets all the requirements imposed on the filter media;

crushed grains of anthracite have a lower density than silica sand, and so it is usually used as the top layer load bilayer filter. Anthracite has a number of advantages: the heterogeneity of its structure allows the suspended particles penetrate deeper into the layer of filter media that provides a long-term work in the mode of service and reduce head loss.

Because the bulk density at the speed and flow rate of water to wash obratnotochnuyu substantially less than silica sand; • expanded clay granular porous material obtained by firing clay raw materials in special furnaces. Expanded clay fractions can be obtained by classifying the total weight of the inhomogeneous expanded clay or fragmentation of large granules, followed by classifying relevant fractions. Crushed expanded clay grains have a more developed surface and accordingly the best technological properties;

Filter-Ag is a light particles that requires less water flow for backwashing. Granules Filter-Ag (anhydrous silica) with significant filtration surface to achieve maximum effectiveness in removing suspended solids. Filter-Ag has a number of advantages in comparison with other filter media: the design of equipment systems can have smaller dimensions;

Garnet various grain sizes is used as a supporting layer. Garnett advantage: as a result of backwash of its particles with a high specific weight and small size are distributed in the lower part of the tank, while the larger particles are in the upper load. Thus is achieved the most complete removal of the mechanical parts of various sizes. This provides a high filtration rate and longer work in service mode without reducing the loss of water pressure.

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