How to make homemade pasta without a machine

Homemade_PastaHow to make homemade Orecchiette pasta without a machine. Recipe by: Chef-in-training Laura Alpern 

Hi, I’m Laura and today we make homemade pasta. And today we`re going to make homemade pasta without any eggs there. For start the most important part making pasta is pasta flour. That start with something called semolina flour.

Vitamix is semolina and durum flour even gathered at the grocery store and pasta flour. This is a very, very fine meal you can see. It’s very light that`s very great for pasta.

Add two cups of each equal parts here. It`s scant have to than really excite. Mix together flour a little bit combine. So, what got them all mixed together. Make a well in the middle theater and gonna make a little hole in the middle there. Ever gonna happen cold water to your start for about three quarters of a cup.

1 Homemade_Pasta

How to make homemade pasta

Right into the middle then use a fork and just mixed together as you go around in little circles and slowly incorporate flowers into the water. You don’t wanna to overwork get your mix it together you see was going to start to form.

Like if you will any more water here and gonna keep on mixing it until it becomes a doe. Then use it a getting your hands. Lay it. Fight this to see that started to come together. Keep adding water to a better time.

There are little too little and too much. So now I have it as a doe gonna take it out. There are my soup up at here. That extra flour and these are great. Nothing seek for these mass. So were need it for about five minutes which means until gonna go down and up and then test. Down and over and test is gonna keep doing that for about five minutes and felt smooth and elastic.

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How to make homemade Orecchiette pasta

So, through with rare wrap some plastic wrap and let it sit for about half an hour. Just let the glutens rest. They have given the massage in the lovely gift let it will get back to us once we let it rest have a key role. She didn`t care about the now pattern over investing for half an hour. It`s nice soft the that the gluten helps. Loosen up a little bit will be easier to roll out, when a flower bored a little bit.

Their playmaking pasta but can`t get it off the board. Little more flour on a top. Then use a bench scraper, you don`t have one, just cut it in half and half again. Using the old one little section it`s activity at one, earning do is roll out and two like a half into log use can squeeze in stretch it little too long and is cut in half and the one part at a time.

That and what have I didn`t get a little rack. Simply will a mate we are gonna cut it into little pieces about this size and we want to have each one, going to roll into a ball and then it`s called roll Kathy the shape going to put your thumb in drag a back. You get this little half moon is kind a shape. It down and roll in them.

Ok, take time to finishing up rolling my pasta into the shape. This is a work at a shape is great we are making homemade pasta – pasta maker. Yes, roll it out with your hands. To now that all my pasta set just with a little bit of flours the doesn`t that especially when you drop it into the water. There yet your after the done.

So, that way a pasta without a thought some of the most important part any pasta dish, that start with yummy sauce and onion flavor to them but the thing that leak. And can I mean the ban on any flavor to them. But the thing a leak grow in layers like an onion. See all these layers in there but their growth in those layers.

3 Homemade_Pasta

Homemade pasta. Sauce

So, he doesn’t know what that your dish but I’m going to do is slice it up. And then I`m gonna put it into some water. Again a separate the layers, no water, and any dirt that in there gonna sink to the bottom and then you can remove the dirt and then you don’t have any dish. You don’t want to move the surrender judges at all. Cause than that they are different get right back into it think my let`s settle to the bottom let it sit for a few minutes and they can get it all in there. Let that for a few minutes.

In the meantime component of the sauce use of garlic, not a very important component other stuff. Clothes and garlic here enough for use my micro plane think favors sauce. And deals rub it on their and entered into a peace, yet to offer any that helps for garland get evenly dispersed of recognition with giant chunks of raw garlic given attack that comes off the back.

Just to a bowl reserve that for later. Go does not mean a cup for a very long time and the last things are gonna have and with a garlic, meat and fresh herbs for the some fresh thyme I have here. And you try to pull the leaves off the stem. Test and it comes right off of the opposite way that it grows this pull it down very gently.

4 Homemade_Pasta

Homemade pasta (Orecchiette) with a creamy sauce.

If you don’t have fresh thyme you can also use dried thyme. Because it`s a stronger illustrated testy In total. Little bit more about last. If you can get at this time we’ve picked from our local farms as even fresher. But the store then is great too. It’s also picked fresh with you pick it yourself it’s all is love it better to give a little rough chop.

It breaks down low but more in the flavors that released. Now, we use a lemon. It`s a really nice greatness and freshness a lemon juice. If are you have a juicer, press the juice of one lemon squeeze and the other half. This is very cheesy love it when you get a lemon juice them and see them about a lot more.

If your doesn’t feel very heavy know they want to have a lemon juice in it and roll it on the counter a little bit you can put in the microwave for a few seconds and it will get a lot more juice out before it got. This like that with chopped up nothing here than a dozen give it a good stir. Their not heat up and get that scar softening can take a few minutes every now and then the butter as great flavor and the olive oil.

Keep somebody from burning out the garlic and the time we cut up get out of it lemon juice chicken stock for the body of a sauce and I get that summer frozen peas in the freezer without in here as a really nice color. That’s in boiling water for pasta little bit. I’m sticking together and then slowly dropping in has separated as you go care from flash in boiling water.

There you go give it a good stir, makers are the float to the top when they’re ready something about 7/8 minutes to finish up with souse and finish it off with a little bit of cream and Parmesan cheese give that a good stir is going to heat it just enough to heat up the cream pasta is done is offloaded to the top and back into the box. Add the souse and good stir. Bring them up. We get that garlic flavor homemade pasta. Source videoID: qLiOLNc_3Q

How to make homemade pasta without a machine

Homemade Pasta Recipe

linguine pasta recipeHello, I’m chef Diane Dimeo and welcome to my kitchen. Today we’re doing something extra funding, extra innovative. We are making a linguine with uni, sea urchin and a little bit of fish roe and quail eggs. Super easy, super quick and super tasty.

I like a linguine in this dish, but if you don’t have, you can use angel hair pasta, fettuccine, spaghetti. Notice it all, let’s go cooking. First thing, I will is chopped parsley. I like to add parsley to my sea urchin. Because it adds flavor color and a little bit dimension. Notice so I’m not actually chopping it to find. Because you don’t wanna to lose it in the dish. And I don’t really care about removing my leaves from the stem, who cares why waste your time, alright, that was done.

Next I meaning to garlic. Garlic in this dish is essential and you want to make sure that you have nice slices. If you beat super feared but make sure that you have slices it add another dimension to the sauce they like to go with about. I say 5 or 6 garlic cloves. I say something. This is a pallet of uni, generally don’t let them rip you off. Because in a normal store go to your fishmonger, this 45 dollars if you go to a Korean store on Asian store you can buy a pallet like this for about 15 dollars. Got out, my pallet. There my pasta linguine, my water is ready.

So, I need to put that in. Because the pasta is going to take about 8 to 10 minutes but like I said this is a super easy dish to you don’t want to spend too much time wait for the pasta to finish. So my water is nice and hot. That’s what you want to make sure because your cooking time in half in curse my pasta.

linguine pasta recipe

Linguine pasta recipe

We use about half of the pack. I don’t like to break my pasta, that’s good cheer, so make sure, the water is hot the pasta bands and it goes right and break it up. Do I like to add salt to my water? – No, because in my pasta is too salty and I can’t distinguish it from the something different national dish. Let it go, I because it cooks a lot quicker in 5 – 8 minutes.

Then we really start to make are quail eggs, get the oil in there. Surely well as nice and hot is the egg will stick. Yes, it’s cooking I have hot oil and it’s slightly turn my pan and cover it with the oil. As you see as I’m doing this the top of the egg is actually getting cooked. My egg is ready to go. And outcomes to my place, next… finished…

Ok, eggs ready to go, next now. I’m using a walk, why do I use a lot? Because a lot from me, I’m starting something has a great value in terms of how it heats up and it evenly heats up and then it is a sun tanning is super.

Get see at this spot will get hot quicker than any other service that right now. Right now it’s ready to go get it oil part of this any goes right here. Because I like to start, mashed, to get my oil. Next a some garlic, then a bit of flavor chicken stock. This is my face for my pasta. Linguine, some garlic oil clothing on press on you is some people are a little early don’t pay it has an amazing taste not just mash for sushi you can do anything with it like you see making nice in pasta dish with it. Then uni, chicken stock and salt.

Okay. I’m going straight out the pot into the next thing, by you notice when I have only half a pallet in there and there’s a reason for that because I just going to do a tossed it all and again. Might my parsley enamel habit see that so, it just kind a wealth.

That little more chicken stock, oil and bit more salt. And final stage we’re going to throw in the rest of that delicious and now I don’t want much more ready… Remembers I always say aesthetics and esthetics, aesthetics people eat with their eyes first and then they taste linguine, sea urchin, quail egg, fish roe.

Okay here we go. Best in a message that’s okay biggest pimple ever fresh ocean breeze the garlic chicken stock do when you hit the fish roe the quail egg is like a mouth full of delicious creamy. Yes, this is linguine with seared fish roe absolutely phenomenal. Source:A9hLYosa2nc

Linguine pasta recipe

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