Faberge eggs – Jelly in egg shells


Egg shells
The eggtrays
cooked meat (ham)
peppers and more.
Cook egg shells (in preparation for Easter a lot of eggs for baking): chippinginchdiameter: 23cm, pour the egg and use as directed. Shells, rinse well, preferably with a soap solution, rinse. To dry in the tray for eggs, turning cut down.

Preparation:Cook the broth with vegetables (carrots, celery, parsley). Dissolve bouillon gelatin (on the instructions for gelatine for cold dishes). Finely chop the desired ingredients (vegetables, meat or ham, red pepper, carrots, greens).
Flip shells in the tray.
Pour: a few tablespoons of gelatin. Put into the refrigerator for 1020 minutes prior to gelation of gelatin. To fill some of the meat, pour the gelatin. To remove again in the fridge. Hereinafter, several carrots, pour gelatin, put into the refrigerator…..Until all the egg. Store in the refrigerator. Before serving, carefully peel the shells, with boiled eggs and put the egg on a plate, decorate.
Tips:the Shells predried.
Let harden in the refrigerator each layer, and then pour the next one.
Pour in a couple tablespoons (it requires more time and patience).
Do not use toojuicyfillings, which can allocate additional liquid (small amount).
And toppings to add to each layer is not very much (because jelly in eggs may simply not freeze).
Preparation ofFaberge eggscannot be called complex.Here, only the DESIRE. Well, to play a little have. If You will have broth with gelatin and other ingredientsmakejellyon the same principle in another deep form. Or just pour into bowls and garnish.
Broth to cook chicken and lowfat (no pork legs, etc.).

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