Drinking distilled water

water By MGDbostonThere are three answers to the question about drinking distilled water. You have to choose.

First. Paul Bragg drank distilled water and felt good. He lived for 95 years. He did not die of old age.

A common misconception is that distilled water is supposedly harmful. The question “why” usually respond “it is no salts, trace elements, so the body needs.”

No harm from its use really is not. It contains neither useful nor harmful trace elements and in general any impurities. It is neutral.

And to replenish trace elements in the body is enough to eat vegetables or take complex vitamins with minerals. My colleagues and I have used a few years, distilled water, good at work was always on hand distiller. Not the slightest negative effect nobody discovered.

What about “washes away from the body” – more washes pollutants than useful, since excretes moisture in any case contains what the body torn and his excretory system is separate from the blood plasma. Recommend drinking distilled water and cook her food.

Rain is a natural distilled water. Photo:pippalou

Rain is a natural distilled water. Photo:pippalou

Second. Distilled water

– monomolecule with enhanced aggressiveness. If you drink it, then getting into the body, it easily overcomes the diaphragm cells and disrupts the structure of the cell sap in the cells, disrupting their operation, and it is dangerous.

And it is not that there is no salt (they are quite dostatochngo gets people with food). Furthermore, distlllyat not structured (it has no dissolved oxygen in the water)
Therefore ideal for use in food is the water in which mnimizirovano amount of dissolved salts in it rigidity, no mkrovzvesey and it is structured (dissolved oxygen).

It has takitmi Properties, meltwater flowing mountain rivers from the glaciers, which are the main cause longevity residents mountainous regions all over the world. The technology of obtaining a structured and ultrapure water at home with the help of the freezer

You are invited to a reliable and proven way.
In normal water dissolved many salts (“hardness salts” – SJ), and if less, the water is considered to be “softer”. Excess salts are extremely harmful to health and accelerates aging.

From SJ can “get rid” distillation, but this water is harmful and can not eat it because it is very aggressive in the body and it has no dissolved oxygen in the water (not structured). The human body needs oxygen dissolved in the water.

All the requirements for health satisfies the water in which there is almost no dissolved salts and dissolved oxygen available. It is this water flows in mountain rivers of ice.
Such water can be produced in the home by “freezing” in the conventional freezer (received a patent). The essence of the method.

Clean water freezing at home

(removal of water hardness salts by crystallization of the wall)
In any natural water (groundwater, river, swamp, and so on. D.) – Two contaminants: suspended fine insoluble particles (suspended solids), established its “haze” (up to several. Th. 1 cm3, even in “transparent” to view water), and dissolved in water molecular components (salts, etc.) or “salt rigidity” (SJ).

water By MGDboston

Water is a miracle of nature. Water can be: liquid, vapor, ice, snow. And ice does not sink! Photo:MGDboston

Slurry removed from the household water filters (but they do not remove SJ). Removing SJ in a closed volume of water by its crystallization “of the wall”, moreover, creates a special structure after thawing water (“melt water”) is good for health and oxygenated. The method is implemented in a domestic freezer.

2. Theoretical basis of the method.

Inside the ice crystals occurring at the “centers of crystallization” molecules salts do not fall, they remain between crystals of ice and after thawing redissolved in water. When artificially created crystallization “of the wall,” goes the growth of layers of crystals “pure” ice, while salt “pushed” from the wall to the water volume. If you separate the layers of pure ice crystals grown “at the wall” that will get purified water from SJ.

3. Implementation technology methods.

Water, purified from the sediment (see. P. 1), any household filters (carbon, ceramic, fabric, paper and so on. D.), Pour into a metal (or strong plastic) container and put in the freezer, close tightly with a lid or foil. Wait state in which the walls formed a layer of transparent ice, while in the center of the vessel remained unfrozen water.

Freezing time experimentally determined (up to 24 hours), depending on the volume, temperature and water capacity of the freezer. Upon reaching the desired state (clear ice from the walls) to remove the vessel, the thin ice on the surface with a knife and cut through the water to drain out of the center. The remaining layer of ice on the walls – perfect clean water; This ice can be removed by placing the jar upside down under a stream of hot water. Melting ice gives this “melt water” (p. 4).

If overexposure occurs in the middle of the volume of a solid “matte” ice containing SJ and the process will be disturbed, as whitish “needle” pierce transparent pure ice; t. e. is always better “more freeze ” than “less freeze.” To avoid rapid “contact” refreezing avoid quick “contact” refreezing of water from the bottom (where it forms a dirty “frosted ice”), you need to install the jar in the freezer on a thin layer of foam or felt.

4. Special features melt water

Melt water (TV) has almost no SJ, and saturated with dissolved oxygen, which makes it not only very tasty, but also healing for use in “raw form” to treat a number of diseases. Food cooked on TV, dramatically improves the taste. As residents of mountainous regions powered TV flowing from melting snow and glaciers of mountain rivers, which is the main cause of the mass of good health and longevity of the mountaineers of all countries.

There is a third way

Yes, it is true that Paul Bragg drank distilled water and lived 95 years. He died, and at autopsy, the doctor said that if it were not tragic accident, he could live more.
But, let’s face it, drinking distilled water does not taste good.

Yes, it is true that the melt water for many years and are considered useful in the example cited centenarians mountain. We do not argue with these facts.

Sharon lake

But also true is that the ozonated water is water saturated with oxygen, as well as mining. Ozonated water is purified on a molecular level by reverse osmosis. The ozonated water has a positive effect for cancer patients. It is a known fact, based on which the established academic institutions, and further studies are conducted.

At the same time, not everyone can have as much free time to freeze the water if you do not want to drink distilled water. Then you can apply water ozonation, which kills the bacteria, but does not form in water harmful chemical contaminants. As a result of ozonation water saturated with oxygen. Which can be useful for the organism.

Also, ozonize can not only drinking water or swimming pool water so it does not smell of chlorine. Ozonated can also premises is the best way to disinfect.

Our company has established ozonators for surgical operating room just for disinfection. Can ozonize air in the car, production facilities, etc.

It is known that in the army, in submarines installed water treatment plant using reverse osmosis technology, followed by ozonation. This allows you to take the outboard sea water and bring to the quality of drinking water. Observations on the state of health of soldiers and sailors showed that variations in the health of servicemen were observed.

It should be recognized that the purified water without mineral salts and therefore may not be accustomed to the taste. In such cases the application may mineralizer, to enrich the composition of purified water.

However, tea and coffee prepared in purified water by reverse osmosis and then ozonated are obtained excellent taste, it is also a fact!

On this blog, you can see the technology of water purification by reverse osmosis and ozonation followed, water, air. You will find that we are in the company Digidrol use advanced technology while maintaining reasonable prices.

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