Difference between distilled water and drinking water

waterDistilled water

PROS: The basic principle underlying the preparation of distilled water – this boiling water to generate steam and then cooling and collecting the pure water vapor. The main advantage of distilled water is that it is 100% boiled, sterilized, clean, safe and environmentally friendly.

It is distilled water, which is naturally present in the form of rain, not yet fallen to the ground, and have a real drinking water. American nutritionists Diamond Harvey and Marilyn wrote: “Distilled water has a characteristic property of her. Acting like a magnet, it collects all the rejects, cast and unfit for use minerals and via lymph and blood carries them to the lungs and kidneys for elimination from the body.”

CONS: Their opponents argue: distilled water is not potable, and technical. Water devoid of all solutes extremely active starting their wash from the body. In order that it can be drinking, mineralized distillate, in other words, add some useful salts as calcium, magnesium and sodium. But it is enriched by several body needs salt, mineralized distilled water is very different from the natural, in which hundreds or even thousands of solutes and trace elements. See the report of the Association on Water Quality (WQA – WATER QUALITY ASSOCIATION) on the impact on human health of water with a low salt content.

Maybe we should drink distilled, as recommended by some healers? It does not exactly have impurities.

– Yes, harmful impurities, and the compounds it is not, but there is no relevant micronutrient salts. Furthermore, trace elements contained in the body of distilled water washed. The disadvantage of mineral salts impairs the cardiovascular system, the condition of bone tissue, especially teeth. Low alkalinity disrupt metabolism and undermines the immune system and makes it difficult to transfer oxygen from the blood to organs and tissues.
Nature water

Distilled water is used in the treatment of certain diseases, but only temporarily and under medical supervision. And drink it just so, and every day – madness. Direct path to catastrophic disruption of metabolism. People who use this drinking water, trying to get the necessary minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables, or dietary supplements. But there is no guarantee that they will be properly absorbed by your body exactly.

 Drinking water

– So how do you properly drink water?

– I would recommend to drink more clean, damp, non-carbonated drinking water at room temperature. Note that no other liquids (juices, fruit drinks, coffee, tea) will never replace good water on its usefulness.

– Many believe distilled water harmful … What Paul Bragg when it drank it and lived for more than 90 years?

– Meltwater most useful drinking water. Indian yogis are advised to drink it melted water for good health. This result is based on years of experience. Try it for the taste and you will feel that the melt water, the best drinking water. Try it…

Water from melted snow is very useful. In its structure, it is similar to water entering into the composition of blood and cells. Therefore, it frees the application of additional energy costs for structuring of water. It is effective in the treatment of atherosclerosis, cleanses the body of toxins, enhances its defenses, stimulates the mechanisms of reproduction, rejuvenates the body.

For meltwater enough water from the tap in an open pan to heat until the first large bubble, remove from heat, tightly cover and put under cold water until completely cool. Water can not boil, and immediately put in the refrigerator compartment or on the balcony (in winter). First frozen water containing mechanical impurities – grains, particles of clay and so on. N. Therefore, after 4-5 hours must be removed from the dishes with water from the freezer, the ice to release it and put it back in the freezer for 10-12 hours.

Then by holding the dish slightly at room temperature to remove ice therefrom, and contained in the center of a piece of ice contaminants wash with water. When freezing water displaces from its structure harmful impurities. Balance of water should be thawed to such a state that it swam icicles, and in this form it can be used. This water can be kept in the refrigerator or elsewhere at 10 ° C for 2 to 10 days.

Scientists believe that the beneficial effect of the melt water to living organisms lies not only in that it has less of the heavy fraction, and in its structure. Water derived from melted ice or snow, while structurally, in their structure, closer NPER-voistochniku than a normal water from a river or lake on a hot summer day. Because of this it is more actively involved in the biochemical processes in the living organism.
Different types of water

Distilled water. P. Bragg after 50 years of drinking distilled water and advise others to do so. He considered it one of the therapeutic agents and emphasized: “She is not dead water. It is the purest water that a person can drink. Distilled water helps dissolve toxins that accumulate in the body of the modern civilized man, it passes through the kidneys, leaving there inorganic residues stones. This soft water. Wash your hair with distilled water, and you will see for yourself.


Water is life. Photo:greyerbaby

“Most important disadvantage of this water is its purity of trace elements necessary for the functioning of the body. No less important is the content of trace elements in the water, providing many functions of the body, from the transmission of impulses in the nerve cells and ending with the construction of new cells, the transmission of hereditary information. It would be possible to agree with the possibility of the use of distilled water on the background of the active supply of fruits and vegetables (they have a lot of salts and trace elements). Indeed, while the distilled water will only withdraw the excess mineral salts.


PROS: Meltwater normalizes the content of leukocytes in the blood, increases immunity. It is believed that the melt water has a special structure. It produced some “supramolecular” education, which are able to penetrate cell membranes. In meltwater lesser degree of viscosity than that of ordinary water. With this in quality melt water has beneficial effects on the body’s metabolism, normalizes it and helps eliminate toxins. alas, all these properties meltwater retains about 17 hours after thawing. And everything.

Then melt water becomes normal. Therefore, the program of production of drinking water from the Arctic icebergs seems more a marketing ploy than a concern for the health of mankind. gerontologist Gennady Berdyshev known for a particular approach to the problem meltwater. He carries a relict ice from Yakutia. The professor believes that melted glacier water contains less deuterium – heavy water. On the example of his patients Dr. Berdyshev convinced that melt water is really able to suspend the aging process.

CONS: The percentage of deuterium in water is so small, and it is so unstable that talking about it is frozen unscientific. This is nothing more than a myth. Taste qualities of meltwater due to the fact that in the process of thawing salt chlorine deposited as iron impurities trapped in the water from the water pipes. No special ordered structure or supernatural properties of melt water could not be found, and biological activity, it is not. But in general, the ratio of the arguments for and against the melt water of approximately 90 to 10.

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