Bread in the Bible. Good or bad?

wheat_breadIt has recently become very popular to speak negatively of baking, after which many began to question the benefits of eating bread.

From our standpoint, such notion may not be entirely correct. Firstly, we do not consider ourselves to always be reasonable. With that in mind we may remember how they say that “any wise man is quite simple”.

So first of all, let us listen to the old advice of our ancestors, passed onto us in the Holy Scriptures, who have been repeatedly mentioning the benefits of bread consumption. In many places, in the Bible, the Lord Himself – Jesus Christ compared Himself not only with a grain of wheat, but also with the bread descended from Heaven (John 6 :48-51).

Therefore, based on these words we may understand that Lord is important for the salvation of the human soul, hence bread is basic, important and healthy food for the human body. We have no doubt in the Bible as the True Word of God. We can only regret the fact that not many people have read it yet, and those who have, might sometimes misinterpret or misunderstand the Bible.

Looking back to the history of mankind, about 400 years ago, in the Middle Ages, it was empirically proven that the Earth is a sphere rotating around the sun. However, almost 4000 (!) years ago, the Bible had already stated that the Earth is round and floats in space surrounded by the cold, whereas this discovery has only been made by mankind at the dawn of space exploration.


Nevertheless, dating back even as far as to 1900 BC, that is almost 3900 years ago, it was written in the Holy Scripture: “He stretches out to the north over the empty place, and hangs the earth on nothing. (Iov.26 7)” Also, in another passage of the Scripture it is said: “It is He who sits above the sphere of the Earth … (Is.40: 22)” In this case, the word “sphere” from the Hebrew translates as “ball, circle, sphere”. Unfortunately, many people simply do not read the Word of God, or do not pay enough attention to it.

But, thank God, the vast majority of prominent scientists believes in God, and adheres to the Word of God and God Himself with great reverence. It can be substantiated by a great variety of examples, ranging from Charles Darwin, which we sometimes do not have complete information on, and the one we have – sometimes proves to be quite misleading.

Henceforth, only one question arises – how can a person having a power of theology and praying to God, at the same time rebel against God? Darwin himself, when confronted with a question of what and where the initial link in the evolutionary chain is, answered to it, that it is riveted to the throne of the Almighty. That is, the theory‘s adherents concluded his atheism without substantial evidence?

Another good example features Isaac Newton. We may recall studying Newton’s laws from the secondary school physics classes, however, little to no mention is made, that Newton himself considered the most outstanding work of his life to be the Book of Daniel (The Bible).

And this great physicist Newton, even when in the street, did not utter the name of God without his​​head covered. As they say – “The greatness of a man lies in his actions”. If we are to quote the Holy Scripture, we would say that God honored him with His gift of wisdom.

In general, we may also agree with the famous mathematician and naturalist Ampere, who is also considered to be a father of electrodynamics. In one of his letters to a young scientist, he advised: “You may explore nature with one hand, while with the other you hold the edge of the robe of God like the clothes of your father.” This is not unusual if we are indeed to follow his advice – adhering to God and His Love whilst exploring the world, the wisdom expressed in the Word of God is unveiled to us.

Secondly, our ancestors in ancient times, the Slavs, paid proper attention to bread – wheat was carefully cultivated and different varieties of bread were baked from it. There are many folk sayings when it comes to the importance and benefits of bread consumption. The first thing that comes to mind is that: “bread is the staff of life“, or the other two, if translated literally from Russian – “if there’s bread there’s singing,” “if there’s bread, there’s dinner”. There’s virtually no need to argue, it’s a simple truth.


The benefits of whole-grain bread

First of all, we would like to distinguish between our understanding of the bread as such. Nowadays, when we say the word “bread”, we imagine lush loaves, buns, cakes, etc. But in ancient times, bread looked differently, it was more like a thin, roll the cake, which was like a view to the Armenian lavash or rather the Italian pita.

Thus it is better baked and often made ​​only of flour and water with added salt, even without leaven, of course, especially without thermophilic yeast. That was clearly better for the person as a part of this bread can contain up to 20 different components. Bread baked on the basis of different kinds of flour, though, was considered the best wheat, also, was often in use and barley.

Currently in use among doctors there sad saying which states that the whiter the bread, the nearer the grave. One can not but agree. The higher the grade of flour, the less useful the more negative it can affect human health. As a result, it may lead to various diseases, ranging from high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, finally ending hemorrhoids.

However, at first glance, it might seem that, contrary to the opinion of all this, the Bible says about the positive, beneficial properties of bread, for example in Ps.103: 15 says: “and the bread that strengthens man’s heart.” That is, making it stronger. Ironically, this statement is no contradiction. Below we give you the latest research figures that are consistent with this statement.


Italian pita

The bread was similar to ancient Italian pita

But first, we should only delineate our understanding about what kind of bread in the Bible. All the difference is only in that way, based on what flour, bread ingredients produced in antiquity, as well as at present. If the composition of flour comes partly wholegrain flour, then such pastries significantly enriched in minerals and trace elements such as manganese and iron.

Wholemeal flour is rich in vitamins B and E, in particular, especially fiber. We can improve the usefulness of adding bread flour bran (which is not only necessary to soak before this). Wholemeal flour is considered more useful.

In the middle of the last century, when it started skyrocketing cardiovascular diseases, cancer, obesity, diabetes. Scientists have begun to ponder the causes of this phenomenon. After a number of studies have concluded that there is a paradoxical situation. On the one hand a person uses abundantly grain products: bread, pastries, pasta. But, these cereals were nothing more than just pure starch.

Additional research scientists at the beginning of this century have shown that eating whole grains, leads to lower levels of insulin, reducing the chance of developing diabetes. Also, the use of whole grains reduces cardiovascular disease by an average of 30%, largely due to the fact that lower cholesterol. Improving the general state of normal in obesity and high blood pressure.


Pedro Berruguete, King David, XV century

Pedro Berruguete, King David, XV century

So we see that recent research scientists confirm the veracity of what was said in the Bible through the King David three thousand years ago, that the bread strengthens man’s heart (Ps.103: 15). Then, eat the grain that goes in your favor! Let bakery that you consume not bring you closer to the grave, and strengthen your heart and health! It is imperative that they are properly cooked in which would include healthy ingredients.

And of course, with a moderate amount of salt, which is already quite a long time, many have successfully replaced the marine. American scientists claim that a large amount of salt in baked goods, may cause significant harm, maybe even more than we expected. Let’s be honest, in some baked goods laid salt is not enough to put it mildly, it may be for this, of course, there are reasons.

However, it should be remembered that on the basis of one bread wholemeal flour turns very dense, lush without crumb. And if a person has problems with the gastrointestinal tract, for him this bread, as well as black breads can be painful, then caution should be used in this kind of baking.

Gastric and acidity, should not experiment with black, rye bread. In this case, suitable wheat slightly the dried (or crackers, biscuits) or bread baking yesterday. It should be remembered that the bread burdens digestion. A yeast can cause heartburn, so if there are contraindications to the use of bakery products, then maybe it makes sense to pay attention to other cereal products, for example cereals, puddings, which are also rich, useful properties.

An interesting fact is that in the course of recent studies, Swedish scientists have proved that for daily use bakery products rich in fiber, it is possible to reduce the risk of heartburn twice.

It has been proved that dietary fiber in wholemeal bread, or in culinary products with added bran absorbs nitrite, which promote the formation of nitric oxide in the body. This component impede the sphincter of the stomach. As a result of heartburn episodes occur. If you suffer from heartburn, try to eliminate in your diet yeast bread, and avoid pastries, cooked on a steep leaven.

Bread and bakery products

Bread and bakery products

Nutritional value increases when baking in the added milk, dried apricots, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, raisins, coriander, cumin short note only all this should be in moderation. This pastry is not only more full of flavor, it is more useful, rich in vitamins. Of course, this bread more calories. Therefore, I would like to add that in all measures to be adhered to.

For example, not so long ago, during the renovation of their home, I spent some time visiting with my friend, who in connection with heart problems to reduce the use of white bread. At this time I was almost unable to bake homemade bread, which usually combine the baking of several kinds of flour to cook one that for me is the most suitable. Therefore, it was forced to buy bread from the nearest supermarket, not even from the bakery, where it can be managed to try to pick up something.

One day, seeing my bread, he asked in amazement, How do you eat bread?” What I told him something quickly without thinking said, “You eat more cookies, biscuits and cakes. Than I am the bread. “After thinking for a short time, he nodded in response and added sadly: Yes, it seems to be true.” Therefore, if you refuse the use of bread, and at the same time go to muffin, cookies, cakes, you will agree, if it absolutely correct transition?

Maybe it makes sense to pick the kind or variety that would fit you like the taste and benefits the body? And if you try to bake yourself, and if you try to learn it? Of course, the first attempt can be a success, but, as for centuries in Russia bread baked in almost every family.

All this says only that completely abandon bread may be unwise if you do not have contraindications. We limit our body not only beneficial vitamins and minerals, but also in the complete abandonment of bread a person after a while there is a depression. Verified empirically sad without bread. But if he eat bread that is injurious to health, then doubly sad.

Might be worth just choose the right proportion of flour, which is more suited to you and to your taste, and your well-being, reduce it bookmark salt and other components that may be harmful. Either try to eat bread with fiber without the presence of yeast, biscuits.

We in no way condone or popularizing is white bread, but only point out the reasons that do not improve the beneficial effects on the body bread. Better useful curative effect on your body by adding oatmeal, barley, buckwheat flour, wheat bran.

It is known that wheat bran is rich in B vitamins, below is a table of the nutritional value of wheat bran per 100 g of product:


0.5 мg


0.6 мg


13.6 мg


2.2 мg


1.3 мg

Wheat bran is an excellent source of fiber, which is widely used for the treatment and prevention of constipation. Eating bran helps to prevent bowel disease, varicose veins, colon cancer, hemorrhoids.

Per day is recommended to eat no more than one two tablespoons of bran or soaked (steamed) or cooked dishes. When included in the diet of a sufficient amount of liquid. A large number of bran bread reduces its digestibility, and a small mixture improves the taste and peristalsis.

Of course, we are all in a hurry, we all have full status and easier to buy a ready-made bread. Besides, if you learn to eat bake bread, then, believe me, your family, friends will not leave you alone. Especially if you bake it with joy and love.

There is a perception in older, family bakers that bread “live”, which is able to absorb what surrounds it. The Kievan Rus, let’s not afraid of the word do not take the bombastic style, when the state of our brave ancestors acquired a good reputation in the world of historical fact, when the territory stretched from the Black Sea to the North Sea. It never came to call Russia a third world country, on the contrary, many European rulers were getting up for the fact that they might even marry someone from the princely daughters, so pedigree, and enlist the help of one of the greatest and most powerful nations world.

Should say that in those days, the health of our ancestors was excellent. I recall the words of an Indian yogi, who once said that you say look at us, our culture, history and food. You look at your history, what heroes famous for your land. Food which was not overseas fruits and vegetables, and their cereal, porridge, native berries, vegetables yes its black bread.

Map of Kiev Russia IX century

map of Kiev Russia

I remember some ancient tale written by monks Kiev – Pechersk Lavra. About how the Kievan prince was visiting the monastery abbot and noticed that bread and other dishes served at the table were extremely tasty. He asked the abbot of the monastery, he explained to him the reason why not only bread but also other food cooked by the monks in the monastery tastier than the food served in the prince’s palace, cooked the most skilled chefs overseas who pay pure gold?

When he asked the abbot replied no hiding the fact that we have in the monastery before the Kindle Fire in the furnace we have blessings and ask God for help, then all we have done with love, joy, and songs. And you probably younger senior scolding dirty words, and what can and has, of resentment, anger appears and some bread is not like a soak.

Back in their chambers, the prince decided to check whether this is in fact, as he said the abbot. He quietly made ​​his way to Duke’s kitchen, took refuge in one of the rooms later that he heard unfortunately confirmed assumptions abbot. Senior abused beating younger, forced them to work hard themselves barstvovali slothful. From everywhere beatings, shouts, insults, tears

Grand Prince of Kiev, Vladimir

Grand Prince of Kiev, Vladimir

The next time, when the prince was visiting the abbot, he confirmed that everything was exactly as he said it. What abbot replied that hlebushek something “alive”, he abuse and hate wickedness. So how is it that you have skilled overseas chefs paid in gold, and the food is not tasty, but we have a simple monk, but prepared at the Lord’s blessings with love in your heart, it turns on tasty and healthy because of something you prince of my treats not refuse.

Cook with love and joy, as they say, “God in the heart.” Then it will be in your family, and harmony, and treasure, and good health. As they say, experience comes with time. All can learn, if you have the patience and desire. Baking yourself at home, you’ll be cooking for yourself, to your taste, love and health.

We are presenting a bread recipes that you can try to cook at home, while you‘ll be able to mix different grades of flour, combining, choosing a more optimal taste and health effect for your composition. Do not go to extremes, do not harm the heart or stomach. So, go on the road. Bake for yourself if you want to learn and choose what best suits your environment while benefiting your health.


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