About Digidrol company

Digidrol company“Digidrol” Company already 15-years old provides its customers with impeccable service in the market of production and sale of water treatment systems, and ozone generators for water disinfection and air.

The offered range includes both household ozonators and water purification systems, and high-performance equipment used in various industries.

Company “Digidrol” performs all works related to water treatment and disinfection with ozone from domestic to industrial level – a preliminary consultation, design and survey works, supply and installation, warranty and post-warranty service. Continue reading

Mechanical water purification

Purification water. Digidrol companyNowadays, huge competition, customers are very difficult to understand the available on the market offers. Sellers often are presented solely for the purpose to sell more and more expensive. Few of them think about the interests of the Client. How to make a choice?

Mechanical cleaning can remove water from the water suspended particles, sand, slurry, rust, etc. G. Mechanical water filters are typically installed at the inlet filter system, but depending on the design, can be used with other components of water treatment systems. Continue reading

Reverse osmosis system


Installation of industrial and commercial water treatment may include
Reverse osmosis (system) – passing through the reverse osmosis membrane, water is completely free from all impurities, becoming perfectly clean
Softening filter almost completely removes hardness salts. The filter media used cation exchange resins
The filter is designed to remove iron removal of iron, manganese, as well as, in some cases, and hydrogen sulfide.
Carbon filter – is used to remove free chlorine and a large part of the dissolved organic compounds. Continue reading

Types of water

water cycleMan can’t live without water, but it is unsafe drinking water causes irreparable harm to our health. The article contains the arguments “for” and “against” the use of 10 different types of water: – Spring; – Boiled; – Mineral; -Water treated with silver;

First from types of the water is well-water

PROS: Today everyone thinks that the water from a spring – the most useful and tasty. She has supposedly “ripe”, has gone through natural geological filters, contains a lot of oxygen and organic particles. Continue reading

Difference between distilled water and drinking water

waterDistilled water

PROS: The basic principle underlying the preparation of distilled water – this boiling water to generate steam and then cooling and collecting the pure water vapor. The main advantage of distilled water is that it is 100% boiled, sterilized, clean, safe and environmentally friendly.

It is distilled water, which is naturally present in the form of rain, not yet fallen to the ground, and have a real drinking water. American nutritionists Diamond Harvey and Marilyn wrote: Continue reading