About Digidrol company

Digidrol company“Digidrol” Company already 15-years old provides its customers with impeccable service in the market of production and sale of water treatment systems, and ozone generators for water disinfection and air.

The offered range includes both household ozonators and water purification systems, and high-performance equipment used in various industries.

Company “Digidrol” performs all works related to water treatment and disinfection with ozone from domestic to industrial level – a preliminary consultation, design and survey works, supply and installation, warranty and post-warranty service. This ensures high quality and professional responsibility in all phases of work.
Why do many on a company Digidrol:
1. Individual approach to each client.

We do not put a priority to decrease our costs at the expense of identical products. The basic principle of our work is to search for an individual, the most optimal for each customer solution to his problem.
2. The highest values of the company – is pleased with our work clients.

Customer priority for us above priorities. That is why we provide free consultations of qualified engineers, are negotiating a form convenient for you and in a convenient location, joint preoperational testing and to demonstrate the operation of water treatment systems, use a flexible system of discounts and more.
3. With us, your problem is solved comprehensively, from “A” to “Z”.

Digidrol company

Digidrol company. Our awards.

No need to attract many contractors, and then look for the guilty among them. We will solve all the problems in the field of water and sanitation, cleaning and disinfection of water, wastewater disposal, separation of internal and external water and sewer networks (including the him.analiza and preliminary calculations, the development of the technological scheme and design, installation and commissioning, warranty and after-sales service).
4. You have the most advanced and environmentally friendly technology water purification and disinfection.

Company Digidrol fluent in modern environmentally friendly and safe for human technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration, ozonation. With us, your water will not only clean, but also beneficial to health.
5. Protecting the economic and legal interests of the Client.

We are a direct importer of many components we use in the production of water treatment systems, so buying our products, you do not overpay for anyone intermediary services, and accessories and consumables for the maintenance of our equipment available to you at wholesale prices. Availability of permits and the signing of a bilateral agreement protects the interests of each of our clients.

Our main activities are:

1) Manufacture of domestic, commercial and industrial water purification systems
2) Manufacture of household and industrial ozone generators and ozonation stations
3) Cleaning, oxygen saturation and implementation of drinking water.

Assortment and quality of products as well as professional experience and compassion for their company work Digidrol earned deserved respect our Clients and Partners

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