The Wife Like Angel. Parable

Rose and loversLike many people and nations, the driving force was hatred and revenge, which are from the devil, so Christians in action have pure and bright love, which is from God.

Once, three drunkards after drinking had opened up to each other: “Oh, my wife will again throw up a scandal that she drank.” “And mine will go hand to hand,” said the second. “And mine,” said the third, “will affably greet me, wash me, feed me and put me to sleep in a fresh bed.” “It can’t be, you are cheating.” “Come with me and see.” All three went to the house of the third. Continue reading

Parables about alcohol 1-3

parables about alcohol landscape

Parable about alcohol – 1

Once, the attention of passersby was attracted by the strange behavior of a man who, with a wooden meter in his hand, approached the door of the pub and began to measure it.
“85 centimeters wide and 2 meters high,” he murmured.

Then, turning to the curious who stopped near him, he explained: “This door is only 2 meters in size by 85 centimeters. In general, a small door. However, I had a house, and he completely passed through it. There was earth, and it all passed into it. He had expensive furniture, and she went through that door, and there was no need to disassemble. Continue reading

Testimonium of a recovery from cancer


“I will exalt you, Lord, for you lifted me out of the depths and did not let my enemies gloat over me. Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me. You, Lord, brought me up from the realm of the dead; you spared me from going down to the pit.” Psalms 30:1-3

I believed in God since the very childhood. I knew that God exists and that He sees and knows everything! I went to church on every feast day and weekend together with my mother and grandmother. My favorite holiday was Easter. And even though no one told me about Jesus Christ, but Jesus himself found me at the time I was broken by sicknesses. Continue reading

Spanakopita Greek spinach pie

I’m going to show you today, how to make good Greek spinach pie – Spanakopita. First ever going to need a couple of bunches of spinach – 2 bunches of spinach. Usually there a one pound each and we`re gonna need a green onions one or two bunches, chopped rather finely. Couple of eggs.

We’re going to need also deal with 1 cup chopped dill, chopped rather finely. 1 lb Feta cheese. Good chunk of the Feta cheese. Salt, pepper, olive oil and one box of the “Phyllo dough”. Now we’re gonna cut this spinach rather coarsely. Because we’re gonna squeeze a little bit after wise to wilted. I’d I don’t like blanching because it turns spinach to mush. Continue reading

How to make homemade pasta without a machine

Homemade_PastaHow to make homemade Orecchiette pasta without a machine. Recipe by: Chef-in-training Laura Alpern 

Hi, I’m Laura and today we make homemade pasta. And today we`re going to make homemade pasta without any eggs there. For start the most important part making pasta is pasta flour. That start with something called semolina flour.

Vitamix is semolina and durum flour even gathered at the grocery store and pasta flour. This is a very, very fine meal you can see. It’s very light that`s very great for pasta. Continue reading

The detox program

Unfavorable environment, constant rush, lack of time for sufficient rest, particularly sleep, snacking on the go, all this leads to the fact that in the human body in excess of accumulated toxins.
And because of the presence in the human body of toxins: disturbed metabolism, decreased performance, overall health and appearance. To correct this situation, you can use a detox program for body, hair and skin.
It is not difficult to create a kind of mini – Spa that doesn’t need to go anywhere in the home. Because it is very important to stick to a detox program in everyday life, which helps to cleanse the soul and body of toxins, if we want to look beautiful, smart, stylish and healthy. Detox program for different parts of the body is proposed in the following form. Continue reading

Faberge eggs – Jelly in egg shells


Egg shells
The eggtrays
cooked meat (ham)
peppers and more.
Cook egg shells (in preparation for Easter a lot of eggs for baking): chippinginchdiameter: 23cm, pour the egg and use as directed. Shells, rinse well, preferably with a soap solution, rinse. To dry in the tray for eggs, turning cut down. Continue reading

Drinking distilled water

water By MGDbostonThere are three answers to the question about drinking distilled water. You have to choose.

First. Paul Bragg drank distilled water and felt good. He lived for 95 years. He did not die of old age.

A common misconception is that distilled water is supposedly harmful. The question “why” usually respond “it is no salts, trace elements, so the body needs.”

Continue reading

What is the ozone layer?

Ozone in natureThe ozone layer – a part of the stratosphere at an altitude of 12 to 50 km (in the tropical latitudes of 25-30 km, moderate 20-25, 15-20 in the polar), which under the influence of ultraviolet radiation from the sun molecular oxygen (O2) is dissociated into atoms, which then combine with other O2 molecules, forming ozone (O3).

Relatively high concentrations of ozone (about 8 ml / m³) absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays and protects all living on land from deadly radiation. Continue reading